Vintage Collection

  1. Amare
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Amare: Smooth silk chiffon dress with boat neckline.
  2. Arcange
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Arcange: Lace top with three-quarter sleeves and skirt in crepe. Closed lace back.
  3. Ardourf
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Ardourf: Dress in crepe with high waist and short sleeves. Front neckline is in crepe with an open back adorned with lace.
  4. Aroma
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Aroma: Smooth dress in silk chiffon with romantic decoration. V-neck in the front and back.
  5. Biba
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Biba: Playful dress in chiffon and crepe with deep waist and fine lace details on the bodice
  6. Daphné
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Daphné: Dress in stretch jersey with lower waist. Inset transparent and lace panel in the bodice and an open back.
  7. Dixit
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Dixit: Smooth dress in chiffon with blouse in soft lace and fine pearl detail
  8. Doris
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Doris: Dress in stretch jersey with dropped waist and open back, with lace applications. Inset transparent panel with floral lace applications on the bodice.
  9. Dorothée
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Dorothée: Chiffon dress with empire waist and lace top with sleeves. Transparent panel with lace on the bodice.
  10. Elsa
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Elsa: Elegant dress in chiffon and organza with deep waist.
  11. Emmeraude
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Emmeraude: Dress in chiffon with transparent lace in the back and waist.
  12. Esprit
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Esprit: Simple chiffon dress with empire waist topped with a jacket in plumetis.
  13. Grace
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Grace: Bustier dress with pleated skirt and glitter detail on the top.
  14. Jill
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Jill: Dress in tulle with raised waist and top in bronze lace. Matching bolero available in bronze lace.
  15. Joya
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Joya: Crepe dress with empire waist, back and short sleeves decorated with giupure lace. Train in tulle. Front skirt adorned with buttons.
  16. Luy
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Luy: Romantic lace dress with dropped waist and tulle in the skirt to give volume.
  17. Margi
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Margi: Lace dress with long sleeves, tulle in the skirt to give volume. Separate underdress.
  18. Margot
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Margot: Lace dress with separate slip. Several layers of tulle and plumetis in the skirt to give volume.
  19. Max
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Max: Sexy lace dress with empire waist. Transparent and lace panel in the top and lace in the train.
  20. Nadia
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Nadia: Bustier dress with dropped waist and silk chiffon top with bird pattern detail.
  21. Naia
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Naia: Bustier dress in lace with empire waist.
  22. Sacha
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Sacha: Lace dress with 'off the shoulder' neckline and dropped waist. Silver belt on the hips.
  23. Sarah
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Sarah: Smooth dress in stretch fabric with lace cap sleeves and draped neckline.
  24. Tamara
    Rembo styling — Vintage — Tamara: Modern dress in lace combined with plumetis. Accent detail on the waist.

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