Every dress has it’s own story.

Our secret? Dynamism, daring and above all creativity. A wedding gown is pure emotion. For both the designer and the bride. That’s why we give our designers creative freedom. Every dress is designed with passion in Belgium and made with love in Portugal.

At Rembo styling we focus on innovation and service and the fact that we are in control of every aspect, from A to Z, makes all the difference.

Looking for your unique bohemian style wedding dress? Stop searching ;-)

Ruth Donné

"Fashion-conscious bride ahead"

"With Rembo Styling we like to renew. Our bride always wants a little more and something special. The collection is inspired by the latest fashion trends. That means that this seasons dresses fit more closely to the body and are sexy in a subtle way." These are the words of Ruth Donné for Rembo Styling.

The look of the collection is young. The designer reaches this look by using simple cuts and beautiful, plain white fabrics combined with particular laces. "I like to use lace with modern, graphic prints."

Expect in 2017 a varied collection of eye-catching genuine designer pieces for the fashionable and some more classic dresses for thé romantic fairy tale wedding. "That mix is reached by working with three designers. Manon, Géraldine and I each have our own style but our designs all carry the Rembo Styling signature."

How does she get started? "My starting point are the fashion trends which I translate to bridal fashion. With moodboards I determine an image which I elaborate. On the Fabric fairs such as Première Vision I go looking for trends in fabrics. Also a source of inspiration is the input from the market. I maintain close contact with our sales team and the two guest designers Manon and Géraldine, who are constantly in contact with brides. It is important that my ideas merge with the wishes of the market. Also of great importance: the dresses are light and flexible. Comfort is very important to me."

Géraldine Simonnet

"The brides make the dress!"

The Parisian designer combines pure, graphic style with ultimate comfort. Her dresses are resolutely modern and light so that a bride feels good during her most important day.

According to Géraldine today’s bride is looking for simple things: "I respond to that desire with nicely elaborated dresses containing subtle details. My style is distilled, but each creation is unique. My signature look is a play on transparency. Such transparency is created by working with different types of lace or a braid under the waist. Furthermore my dresses are very light and comfortable to wear."

For the 2017 collection Géraldine designed 15 dresses: The trend of the season? Fluidity, the dresses are fluid. The Rembo bride is an authentic woman who knows what she wants. She is looking for simplicity and authenticity, and I offer that through my designs. But simplicity is perfectly compatible with a dream dress!

The creations of Géraldine speak to a diverse audience: from 'preppy' people to extroverts. Her designs are always successes. The secret? "I really love my profession and for me brides make the fashion. In my studio, they see the dresses, they feel the fabrics and then we sit together and I let them tell. I suggest something, they pick in. It is an exchange of ideas."

There isn’t a big difference between the dresses for Rembo Styling and Géraldines own collection: "The dresses are almost identical. The difference lies in the way in which the materials and the dresses are manufactured. For budgetary reasons, I need to replace certain fabrics but the spirit of the dress remains the same. I am very happy that I can work with Rembo Styling because I like making creations for everyone."

Manon Pascual

"I create emotion"

Manon Pascual has her own atelier in Bordeaux and has been designing dresses for Rembo Styling since 2013. For the Rembo Styling 2017 collection she has designed ten dresses in her own unique style.

"As a creator you always need to be one step ahead of trends", Manon knows. "Fashion is gradually leaving behind vintage and bohemian style. My bride wants something new and it should not be too simple or pure. Fantasy is my message. For the 2017 collection I leave the bohemian path to strike a more fairy-like direction. Soft pastel colors, refined French lace, delicate flowers and shimmering sequins are my key ingredients."

Manon gleaned inspiration for this collection from everywhere. She follows haute couture closely, but as a source of inspiration she also visits many exhibitions of jewelry, sculpture and painting: "Classical art in general fascinates me. I am designer of wedding dresses but I studied visual arts. I interpret my designs as a work of art, the process of creating is similar for me as starting a new painting. I create emotions. A wedding dress should be exceptional, a bit magical. She is, after all, meant for a magical moment."

Manons style is a cross between refined and rock & roll: "Please note that I mean rock and roll as we understand it in France; which comes to authenticity, personality and a certain temperament. My dresses are casual, very delicate and a bit cheeky."

Uniquely tailored, just for you.

Thanks to the use of new technology, we are able to deliver a tailored wedding dress.

As trendsetters, we can introduce this groundbreaking concept in the bridal industry; the option for brides to have a made-to-measure wedding dress or a dress entirely tailored to her.

With innovative software that gives each dress an instant proper ‘fitting’, choosing a made-to-measure dress means alterations are no longer needed. Your dress will be a unique piece at an affordable price, made with only the best materials.

Fully-fledged handmade bridal fashion.

The starting point for our designers is the bride of today : a dynamic, fashionable young woman who knows what she wants. Her bridal gown must match her wishes and her personality. Bridal fashion should be fully-fledged fashion.

That’s why we opt for innovation every year. As a trendsetter we’re ready to take risks. That’s how we continue to surprise brides with creations that have never been seen before.

Your handmade Rembo Styling wedding dress awaits you.