Bei Rembo styling tragen wir unsere Bräute im Herzen! War es Liebe auf den ersten Blick mit deinem Rembo styling Kleid? Zeig es uns!

Inspiriere zukünftige Bräute und schicke uns deine Love Story! Schickt Eure glücklichen Emails an pr@mrfg.be. Wir gehen vertraulich mit Euren Email Adressen um!


Lili Guilili

“Une robe parfaite pour une journée parfaite.”

Alexandra Flügel, Germany

“Dear Rembos! :)
I would love to share some pictures of your beautiful dress in action on a very special day. The moment I put it on it felt so comfortable, I felt free and I started to dance around immediately. :) It was the perfect dress and I got so many compliments. I loved it from all angles.”

Manuela Vignudini, Italy

“Mi sono sposata il 15 Luglio in un bellissimo Rembo Fiesta, lo adoro!”

Ine & Michael

Marta Pietrogiovanna, Italy

““I fell in love with my Aimee dress from the very first moment I saw it. When I wore it for the first time I realized... that was MY dress... that dress was me ”


“J'étais ravie de porter la robe First pour mon union avec Thomas. Vos robes sont toutes plus magnifiques les unes que les autres. Dès le premier essayage, j'avais l'impression qu'elle avait été faite juste pour moi. Merci!”

Nicola Bridge

“I got married on the beach in Seychelles in August and wore the ‘First’ dress. It was absolutely perfect, thank you so much.”


“MERCi pour vos magnifiques robes ! Nous avons passé un magnifique mariage, j'avais envie de partager avec vous une photo lorsque je danse avec mon Papa, et une photo de la cérémonie!
Dommage qu'on se marie qu'une fois, j'aurais beaucoup aimé mettre toutes vos robes ”

Ellie Mcallister

“The beautiful 'First' dress was, and will always be my dream dress.
It made me feel amazing and was just perfect for my British boho summer wedding.”

Svenja Thiel

“Thank you for this wonderful dress. I felt pretty. this is exactly how every bride should feel on her wedding day. it was so perfect for our beach wedding in Mexico​.”

Red Vait, Belgium

“Hello! I had my wedding on July 15th in Lithuania and I was wearing one of your amazing dresses which I got in Brussels. Couldn't be much happier, it's an amazing piece and I wouldn't want anything else! So I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for Your works! They are amazing!!!!!!❤️”

Alexandra De Clippeleer

Suzanne Bel, Netherlands

Marine Vezant

“I really loved my dress, it was hard to choose one in your beautiful collection!
I'm very happy to be a Rembo bride!”

Oihana Arrieta, Spain

“Gracias por hacer vestidos tan bonitos. Y poder lucir así, el día de mi boda.”

Reda & Ernestas

Angela & Kees

Heike Domeier

Marie Dos Santos

“Cher Rembo Styling, merci de m'avoir permis de trouver LA robe de mes rêves pour mon mariage paris bohême chic. La robe Emeraude a fait de moi une femme comblée... je pourrai encore la regarder des heures entières suspendue à ma tringle à rideau... une robe de princesse, exquise,qui a fait parler d'elle... magnifique Rembo.”

Alexandra Malandain, France

“J'ai eu le coup de foudre pour votre robe Rembo! Merci d'avoir créée la robe de mes rêves quand je l'ai essayé je savais que c'était la bonne!”

Patrizias Puler

Manuela Vignudini, Italy

“Mi sono sposata il 15 Luglio in un bellissimo Rembo Fiesta, lo adoro!”

Gemma Perry

“I got married last Saturday in the gorgeous Rembo Alberta. It was definitely love at first sight.”

Josephine De Jaegere

“Thank you! I felt great in my MAX dress :)”

Nina & Andy

Jessica Rosa, Spain

“El pasado Junio tuve el honor de casarme con uno de vuestros vestidos, a día de hoy, sigo enamorada de lo bonito que era.”

Sofia Fagundes, Portugal

“I finally get to wear the most beautiful dress ever at my celebration of love and union with my best friend.Thank you Rembo Styling to make the most beautiful and simple dresses ever.”

Francesca Marzo, Italy

“I got marry with your FIESTA dress last June,
Was the most beautiful day, full of love and fun, that dress make me fell so beautiful but at the same time I was myself, from the first time I try it on I was in love with it, thank you for the amazing job, your dresses are the best.”

Dieuwertje Poté

Hanne & Bram

Filipa & André

Katie Farr & Marco Eydallin

Jennifer Davison

“I wore my dream dress for our wedding ceremony on a beach in Mexico.
I absolutely loved my dress, thank you Rembo Styling!”

Lara & Cimo

Evelien Willemsen

“I had the most amazing wedding day in my Jazz dress!”

Jessica Rosa, Spain

“El pasado Junio tuve el honor de casarme con uno de vuestros vestidos, a día de hoy, sigo enamorada de lo bonito que era!”

Ines & Marvin

Lara Isabelle Rentinck

“I felt so comfortable in my dress, it was absolutely perfect for that special day.”

Ana Rita Loureiro, Portugal

“Muito obrigada por este vestido LINDO!”

Annika & Lucas