Yzbel jewellery and us

A perfect match!

The Rembo styling woman is a dreamer who loves her friends. Her world is dynamic and free, with no boundaries for happiness. Her bohemian chic style is a natural extension. She is pure and unique, enjoying life to the fullest, in a spontaneous way.

She’s a woman who knows what she wants, and what she wears has to match her wishes and personality. Therefore Rembo styling strives for innovation in quality and design! We’ve been lucky enough to have found another Belgian brand making jewellery that perfectly matches our dresses!

We feel that Yzbel jewellery completes the Rembo Styling look of our brides. We shot our 2017 collection with their jewellery, so it goes without saying that we’ve been a big fan since day one!

All the products of Yzbel are handmade with love and craftsmanship in Bali. The result is a beautiful unique collection based on different cultures, craftsmanship and traditions. Yzbels’ keywords: Travel, inspiration, cultures, aesthetic, feelings, curious, enrichment of life and love! Not only does Yzbel have a beautiful store in Antwerp (Belgium), they also ship worldwide!

A must see for our future brides who’re still looking for the perfect finishing touch!

Check their jewellery here!